Born in Catanzaro in 1972.

Studies in the Artistic High School of Catanzaro where he obtains his degree in 1990.

Attends the Academy of Fine Arts “Raffello Sanzio” in Urbino, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in painting in 1995.

From an early age starts to draw his friends’ and teachers’ faces in pencil and ball point pen.
During his adolescence he develops a passion for the drawings of the Italian Renaissance, especially those of Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael.
Later his interest is focused on Surrealism and he falls in love with Dalí’s painting.
During his high school studies, under the guide of Professor Francesco Mete, his interest moves towards a more profound conception of drawing and he starts a more personal research of different artistic techniques.
At the Academy of Fine Arts, the interaction with his teacher Omar Galliani, an anachronist painter, allows him to glimpse at the possibility of rereading Classical art from a contemporary perspective.
He starts to experiment with various pictorial techniques and ends by privileging painting in oils.

Since 1998 he lives in Bologna.

The encounter with the artist Alessandro Giusberti, during his stay in Bologna, reawakens in him the profound interest towards the 17th century’s realist painters: Rembrandt, Velázquez, and Franz Hals, giving a sensitive and refined interpretation imbued with the ideals and metaphysical atmosphere.

In the Art school “New Life Study” of the American artist Richard Burkhart he refines the study of the human body in its plasticity (portrait from real life) and following his suggestion, in September 2008, he attended the “Art Students League” of New York (USA).