they told of him:

“In the symbol of motherhood and expectation lies the seed of happiness: the artist succeeds in intent always difficult to tell a story and a universe of emotions, with a representation of life epiphany, that lingers on the description and introspection of the subject. The figure of woman built almost like a sculpture, with shapes and volumes expertly highlighted, leaving the panel with the power of truth, leaving a dark background to the task of creating an expectation, a sense of unexpected surprise.”
Inno alla gioia
Guido Folco-Associazione Culturale Galleria Folco

“He is a student of Omar Galliani, who honed him with the important lesson of the design. His painting which breath thier origins from the Masters of the past, upset in modern times, feeling of sentiment, construction and colour. ”
Enzo LePera-Limen Arte

“I get excited when I see a picture, well done, which faithfully reproduces a person and Marcello Montoro is capable of achieving it. He embellishes / makes the subject precious, stealing the secrets of it’s soul.”
Dino Marasà-Effetto Arte